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Citimax 400 Citimax_400

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Choose vehicle powered Citimax for high capacity city distribution. Just the cold you need.

  • provides a full range of refrigeration units designed for all light commercial vehicles. The specifications of the Citimax 280, 350, 400, 500, and 700 make it possible for you to choose the best fit according to vehicle size, ambient temperatures and kind of goods.
  • 5 models designed for a variety of LCV
  • 12v/24v units designed for different vehicles
  • High ambient units and low ambient units suited to the diversity of regional climate; from -25 c to +50 c (solutions)
  • Nose mount and roof mount available and most LCV
  • Improved structure design for easy hose connection
  • While at the wheel and at all times, your driver can easily monitor box temperature. Temperature changes and message codes. He can also choose, via a user friendly interface, setpoint temperatures and defrost intervals as well as perform other functions

Cooling Capacity

Road only

  • 0°c/30°c 4250W
  • -20°c /30°c 2200W

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