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Air curtains for temperature controlled transport

Brightec’s innovative BlueSeal air curtains are perfect for temperature controlled transport, designed to keep the cold or heat inside your vehicle.

Better performing alternative to PVC strip curtains
Effective, hygienic and invisible climate separation
Reduces fuel costs of cooling/heating unit
Better preservation of temperature-sensitive products
Easy to install in any temperature controlled vehicle
Comfortable and safe working conditions for the driver when loading




BlueSeal can be installed with ease on any new or existing vehicle, using a click-system fixed to a mounting plate on the ceiling of the vehicle. These can be fitted above rear loading doors as well as side doors and can be built to your specification.

During loading/unloading BlueSeal is activated automatically. Outside air is sucked in by BlueSeal and converted into a vertical air curtain that separates the cold inside the trailer from the ambient (hotter) temperature outside the vehicle. Insects, dust and humid air are also prevented from entering the vehicle.

Cold air is kept in the interior of the vehicle during door openings, maintaining the integrity of temperature controlled goods. The temperature in the cargo space rises significantly slower with an air curtain during door openings than PVC strips.

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